Donnerstag, 23. Mai 2013

Update - package from japan

Lately university has been a lot of work again and I was quite often ill. But last week I have been to the hairstylist in order to get new hair extentions. I am really happy to have new hair, but I am a little bit disappointed because of my hair color. Soon I can post some pictures!

Last weekend I visited the dokomi for a short time and was disappointed because the conventions has changed to much in the last few years. I got to old for such things xD

And I have got a package from Japan! I couldn´t buy more because my favorite music band are going to give a concert soon. <3 Can´t wait for it!

This dress is no brand (pumkin) so I got it for only 10€ but the belt is by Rienda <3

I really wanted the pink one but I have read the despriction wrong and got the orange one by Rienda.

And these shoes for the JapanDay by DreamV!

This weekend the JapanDay is to take place in Düsseldorf and I hope so much that the weather will be good! T^T