Sonntag, 14. April 2013

Shopping & DURAS

I have to read a book about business management until monday and /oh my gosh/ up to now it is terrible boring!So I distract myself with blogging.
I survived my first with at university - the lectures are not my favorite topic but all my lecturers are great and almost everyday is fun.

Last week I went shopping with O-chan. We went twice to starbucks <3

At starbucks something really creepy happened. A man with strange old clothers and a woman mask came in, ordered a coffee and sat down. When he put off the mask and under it he wore a mask of a baby face - it was so scary that you couldn´t see his face and just this situation was strange xD but at least he likes starbucks xD

At H&M Underwear store I love their furnishingso much and feel like changing my room again. The pink and white are so lovely! *O*

I didn´t like lush for a long time because it smells terrible and they are very expensive, but when I bought a present there I also got a sample and like it a lot. So I bough "angels on bare skin" and got more samle like the NEW! shampoo. I even got the mascara for free - in store it costs about 15€ <3

At Mango I found this awesome dress. It was more than my buget, but I was sure I won´t forget the dress.

Love the print! <3
Because I really need to save money I am thinking about to return the dress - but it is so pretty T^T

Duras presented their new summer catalogue - sadly I am a little bit disappointed. I prefer the spring collection this year.
But I still love these two pictures - the model is beautiful!