Montag, 28. Januar 2013

Instagram \ shopping \ Rienda and Duras Spring

It seems like this is my first post in the new year (-_- ); I hope things getting better when the semester ends. This is already my last week in university but I have to write two final exams in february, too. 
I am so scared! 

Some time ago I got Instagram and would be happy to add new people <3 My name there is: Hyenaurun
For me it is also more easy to update and check others news<3

 Next thing is...
Late christmas presents from my sister arrived and I did some shopping.

 This is the most special christmas present from my sister. Victorias Secret Bra Set from the Very Sexy collection in mint! \(*O*)/ The lace is so soft and it sparkles so much! 
Candice wore it, too! Oh my gosh~ I just love this woman - she is perfect! <3

 And I got also two extra panties from Victorias Secret! xD So comfortable!

I bought myself this Very Sexy Strappy Bikini by Victorias Secret. Almost no fabric but Candice looks awesome and I feel motivated to go to the gym until summer xD

At sale I got this almost adult pink oversize blazer and earings. <3 Happy *O*

Spring is coming soon and Rienda and Duras show their first new designs! <3
The colors and designs are lovely and I am happy to be able to buy them directly in store this year. I am already saving money for that xD

I don´t own any blue clothers yet but the first dress is awesome! These straps are so elegant and the cut is very sexy. Also the maxi dress in light blue is cute! I have to buy them! <3

Now I have to study again~