Montag, 31. Dezember 2012

New Rienda and Duras from Japan / Japanese Fashion Magazines

A few days ago my package from japan with my birthday presents arrived! <3 And luckily I didn´t have to pay custom fees. *O*

 soooooooo happy! xD

 Cardigan and ruffle top by Rienda - These are my first Rienda Items and I love them! <3

 Duras Blouses <3 I wanted them for such a long time!
This dress is from Duras last year collection, but I wanted it since I saw it for th first time.

And I got some magazines last month, but forgot to post them!
The nuts and ageha magazine also have a cosmetic pouch as a present.

And finally the Ane Ageha. I am bit disappointed about the topics, but the cover is beautiful!
And I took some pictures of my favorite outfits from nuts.

I really like this adult pink - I really would like to buy a blazer in this color!