Sonntag, 2. Dezember 2012

My Birthday + 2 Outfits

Last week was my birthday and I was able to celebrate it a little bit with lovely people.
We went to a restaurant had dinner and delicious cocktails. Later we played billard <3 I had so much fun adn hope everyone else too!
The day started with a piece of the most delicious cake of the world: Starbucks Chocolate-Truffle-Cake. ToT
And I got flowers and this present from my family! <3 

Hair straightener and blow dryer by ghd, which I wanted for such a long time. It is golden and you can even make lovely curls with it.

Olga and Berfinaz gave me picture of us three, a super lovely letter and a Takumi-voucher! So cute ToT On wednesday we are going to use this voucher and eat delicious Ramen! <3

The pink frame *O*

  From my boyfriends I got these beautiful flower and a letter with really messy kanji xD;

He gave me such a expensive present - I feel bad about it, but I am so happy about it, too. This wallet is so pretty and just perfect.

Well, I wanted to sell some clothers which I don´t wear and took some pictures, which I want to show you now. I don´t show my face because I was to lazy to get an make.up ^^;
They are quite simple...but I like them.

Blouson: Mango Pants: DreamV Earrings&Necklace: Duras  
Belt: Golds Infinity Shoes: Local Store
Dress: Spiga Pants: DreamV Earrings&Necklace: Duras  
Hat: H&M Shoes: DreamV
Please tell me that you think about it. I want to get more confident in this style. =D