Dienstag, 6. November 2012

small shopping

Such a long time ago since I wrote the last time - university takes so much time. (ω)
 But I am sure november will be fun!

Because of some reasons I didn´t celebrate halloween ( I hope I do next year with a great costume =3 ), so I just tried on a not scary school gal uniform to get a small feeling of halloween. 

I did already a little bit shopping. And this is my smal winter haul:

I bought this coat at Hallhuber and am so much in love with it! <3 Its so warm, comforable and look pretty! (●♡∀♡)
This belt for the coat is from Hallhuber too because I feel uncomfortable without it.

And these boots by Buffalo.
To be honest this style is so fugly (¬д¬。) but for university they are good - warm and not dangerous at slippery grounds. 
Did you ever try them on?

On thursday I am going to do some shopping with my sister - I hope I to buy some cute things (@゜゜@)ノ
My sister gave me a cute present from her trip to munich~ Thank you (‘ )
Tea, chocolate with salt and honey with vanilla! I am looking forward trying out the honey!

But Dastan is much more interested in the packaging - sooo cute! ⊂(())  

wish you a great week! <3