Freitag, 30. November 2012

Friends - new lenses - gets from Japan

Last week my new lenses arrived! I bought them at shoppingholic.
I got the EOS Adult brown lenses - I really like the adult series because they look natural and they have even on dark eyes an lovely effect. I also own the grey one <3

The staff give always so much effort in the packaging even though they might get a lot of orders every day.

What do you think about the adult series of EOS?


 This month I was finally able to meet some lovely people again.
It started with wednesday and Juliane, she is an old school friend. We went to TenTen to talk and have a Macha Latte. 

TenTen is a japanese style café (?) but I don´t like it that much, because they don´t offer many own coffee creations and are even more exepensive than starbucks.


On saturday Berfinaz and Olga visited me in my hometown. I was so happy T.T - we had tea and dinner in a local café. It was so much fun and I really enjoyed the time with them.

Berfinaz´ salad was really delicious!


On sunday I met Vanessa. We used to be my good friends when we were into lolita fashion and j-rock. I didnt meet for almost five years now. It was so much fun and I hope to meet her soon again.

 We talked a lot at starbucks with delicious coffee and brownie. <3 Did I already mentioned that I am a big fan of starbucks?

 Hibiscus Blend Tea is super delicious too! <3

 Vanessa also likes the designs of Louis Vuitton so we took the chance to see the new window decoration of the cologne store. Cute speedy collection! <3
And I was able to see my next baby in the shop! <3
 We had small dinner - tiny, tiny shakedon but the fish was so good! I miss sashimi all the time.


My boyfriend visited his family in Japan this month and he was so kind to accept my want-to-buy-list. Actually I wasn´t allowed to spend money but with a shopping service it would be much more expensive >.<

 Dolly Winkl Lashes and Eyeliner, Candy Doll Lipstick&Lipgloss (but I don´t like the colors T_T) Happy Bath Day Soup - It smells so good! <3

 And I got these DURAS earings and necklace as a birthday present from this mother. She is such a lovely person and I really miss her.

 Sooo sparkling! <3