Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2012

University - no Internet / Fruits and roses - perfect store in my hometown

Today university startet and am sitting in the lecture "Medical Device", but it seems like it doesn´t take place today (that happens quite often -.-;)
Because I moved almost two weeks ago I don´t have internet at home and happy to use the university one <3
I am sorry that I am so late with comments and answers! m(_ _)m
But I hope I can show you soon some picture of my new room =3

 Now a different topic
In my hometown was a small tea store which became very popluar and big in the last few years.
I really like this store because they offer now delicious tea, oils, vinegar, more delicacies and beautiful porcelain.

The everything (except the porcelain of course) is selfmade and with fresh contents. The whole store smells so good and every small pot of tea is a great expierence.
e.g. they have champagne creme for breakfast, provonce oil and rock candy. The shop staff is always so nice and are really experts. <3

I really like this store and bought a new tea again.
Its called: lovefruits on a rose bed (?)

Its with straberry, black currant, hibiscus, roses and more.
Even the color is lovely! <3

As you can see the tea really contains small roses!

I also like to give these teas as a present. 
What do you say? Do you like such teas and stores?