Mittwoch, 17. Oktober 2012

Cooking japanese dinner with o. and b.-chan

On saturday I met o-chan and b-chan in cologne for cooking.
First we went shopping in an asian food store. The store was okay and we got everything we wanted.

Then we had some frozen yoghurt <3 To be honest I don´t like the taste of yoghurt, but in this store it tastes like normal chocolate, mango or vanilla ice.
 Our designs <3 super tasty with fresh fruits and many different sauces!

At b-chan´s home we started to cook gyoza and teriyaki chicken. We also had yakko and misosoup.

The momocha was so delicious! I really want to do some momocha by myself now <3

Gyoza with big ginger attack
I was so fascinated by b-chan´s water boiler from turkey. It glows blue and bubbles all the time! *O* <3 You always have hot water for tea <3 I want one too!


I got tagged and will post about soon <3