Mittwoch, 26. September 2012

Inspiration Post - Erikamama (Rienda, Emoda, Duras)

Today I want to post some pictures of my biggest inspiration at the moment.

She is a gal mama from Osaka.
And I love her outfits! She mostly wears beautiful hats and light colors. Her hair has an pretty color and looks lovely! I really love to look at her pictures
You can see her newest outfit updates at codenote.

Back + birthdays + beach in the city

I didn´t post for almost one month and the reasons...well...are move, exams and personal things. Yesterday I wrote my last exam in japanese history, culture and society and one day before I got ill with high fever and so much hurt. While the exam I though I am going to fail. But in the end I am so happy and pretty sure that I passed. 

Well, in the next time I want to post some things that happen in the past for example new extensions, circle lenses and japanese birthday cake recipe. 

In the first september week I was invited to two birthday parties 
 At the 5th I went to O-chans birthday.
 At first I had to go to work - my working place
At first we made puris - they are blurry because I tried to take the picture with my mobilphone.
O.-chan and B.-chan are soooo cute ;O; <3
Then we had dinner at okinii . Actually I don´t like it that much, but the salmon was sooo delicious *O*
But ordering there is always like a game - can we do it? - will the food really come?
especially the scary human-beef-thing.
It was so such a nice evening <3

 On saturday we went to birthday party of my sisters boyfriend. We had a barbeque and it was really much fun, but because I forgot my camera at home no picture.
Sunday was the last sunny day in germany in this year and we went to a small fake beach in cologne.

 wanted to do a vicorias secret hairstyle but faild xD;
 I think is was pretty okay for a beach-summer-feeling in a big city! <3
 the sand and sun was soo nice! <3 but as you can see I just didn´t had enough time to work on my bodyshaping. But I keep going.
And for this aim I bought a new bikini by Victorias secret! Looking forward to it <3
 And then we had frozen yoghurt. Actually I don´t like the taste of yoghurt but this one tastes like chocolate <3 my first try was a little chaos xD but delicious.