Montag, 13. August 2012

Update + summer + I am going to move

Weather in germany is so nice right now! I feel really happy and could go out everyday <3
 And I am able to wear my hats again x;D
Learning in the sun <3 
On friday I was finally able to see my boyfriend again <3
 At a korean restaurant in cologne we had korean rice wine - it looks cool, doesn´t it?
 Lying in the sun next to the rhine and playing around with puri apps ^^;;
 The rhine looks so beautiful<3
 And the water was so clear and cold~ it felt soooo good!
I really wanted to go swimming - but I don´t think the rhine is a good place for it x;D
I couldn´t write since some time, because my parents bought a house and we will move soon. At first the house has to be renovate. But I am looking forward to it, because my sister will come back and because of the awesome bath!
Today we had a bbq at our new garden ( first time in my life we have a garden! I used to live in apartments). Even my sisters boyfriend came and Dastan had a lot of space to play.
 Looking forward to buy a big amercian style bbq *O*
 well, even in the garden is so much to do! in the back will be a solarium and a sauna. Also many flowers ( especially roses) and herbage will decorate the garden.

My sister bought some cupcakes from the new cupcake store in her hometown! <3 very sweet, but delicious!

 oh~ do you happen to know the name of these circle lenses? I would love to buy them, but I am scared I might buy a pair that are not as bright as these at natural brown eyes.>.<
I would be so happy and thankful if you could help me! <3