Dienstag, 21. August 2012

Back from games/com

I am back from the Games/com and so tired! I could sleep all the time and do nothing~

But at first - I reached 100 Follower! I am so happy!!! Thank you very much ;0; I never would have though that I would ever get so many readers, because...well.. I am kinda boring xD; When I will go to Japan I would like to buy cute things for you and make a little giveaway! Please look forward to it!

So I go one - I worked for an famous korean publisher who wanted to show a new ego shooter and strategy game. We were about 14 promoters and the booth was so big and cool! *0* I was a walkingact and had to animate the visitors and take pictures.
But well the Games/com was really much fun, but my feet hurt so much every day because my shoes were almost two sizes to small for me. I was only able to sit for about one hour a day (working about 13 hours). Everyone was really friendly and we had about five shows a day which were like a small rock concert. Visitors were mostly really cool (if you want to collect phone numbers, this is the right place xD), but I also had to handle with a drunken and very clinging person.
Sadly I wasn´t able to see many booth of the gamescom. But I was able to play DiabloIII a bit. <3
The worst thing for me - I wasn´t able to see anything of the beautiful weather in germany and got ill plus a bladder indection! -.-; 

Here are a few pictures of our booth!

 I was part of the shadow/company

This picture is not by me, but oh my god! Aren´t they cute? ;O; I would love to take a picture with them too!

 Sunday evening! I was sooooo tired xD But I think I will do it next year again!
 But I bought some new shoes by sacha <3 Love them!
And the new womanshealth. Also some new products from the profi hair shop, because they had a special offer.
I finally bought arganoil! Do you know it or even use it? I heard many good things about it and really wanted to try it, especially because I like to use oil for haircare!

Soon I will post some more interestign thing! <3 I hope you will like them!