Donnerstag, 23. August 2012

Package from Japan - DURAS & MA*RS

Finally my package from Japan arrived. It took over two weeks because of the german customs. And I even paid for EMS - and the people at customs are always so rude! Well...I am so happy it already arrived and I can try them on!=3
And I got new shoppingbags and the newest catalogs! LOVE the DURAS catalog <3

balloon sleeve chiffon tunica in orange
My first item in orange ever! The back is free and the fabric is almost clear xD But it beautiful! Maybe white would be better anyway.

oriental print jumper in brown
Sadly the beige one was already sold out, but i thought the brown would be nice, too.

Real MA*RS
2way skull parker black
Still don´t know the second way of wearing it xD But it is really nice and perfect for cozy autumn.

Ribbon Jumper white/black
If someone interested I am going to sell it. New with Tags =3

Some pictures from the catalog <3

Mittwoch, 22. August 2012

Rescue of my Ma*rs shirt

As I told you already in a post some time later I bought a Ma*rs Top from GCS and sadly the seller didn´t told me that it is just a broken dress. Because it was too short to wear it as a shirt (you were able to see the belly) I went to the city with B-chan after our japaneses exam looking for an alternative.


I even sew the old tag on for mexD;

What do you think? 
I am going to post some pictures of an outfit soon. But right now I am ill >.<

Dienstag, 21. August 2012

Back from games/com

I am back from the Games/com and so tired! I could sleep all the time and do nothing~

But at first - I reached 100 Follower! I am so happy!!! Thank you very much ;0; I never would have though that I would ever get so many readers, because...well.. I am kinda boring xD; When I will go to Japan I would like to buy cute things for you and make a little giveaway! Please look forward to it!

So I go one - I worked for an famous korean publisher who wanted to show a new ego shooter and strategy game. We were about 14 promoters and the booth was so big and cool! *0* I was a walkingact and had to animate the visitors and take pictures.
But well the Games/com was really much fun, but my feet hurt so much every day because my shoes were almost two sizes to small for me. I was only able to sit for about one hour a day (working about 13 hours). Everyone was really friendly and we had about five shows a day which were like a small rock concert. Visitors were mostly really cool (if you want to collect phone numbers, this is the right place xD), but I also had to handle with a drunken and very clinging person.
Sadly I wasn´t able to see many booth of the gamescom. But I was able to play DiabloIII a bit. <3
The worst thing for me - I wasn´t able to see anything of the beautiful weather in germany and got ill plus a bladder indection! -.-; 

Here are a few pictures of our booth!

 I was part of the shadow/company

This picture is not by me, but oh my god! Aren´t they cute? ;O; I would love to take a picture with them too!

 Sunday evening! I was sooooo tired xD But I think I will do it next year again!
 But I bought some new shoes by sacha <3 Love them!
And the new womanshealth. Also some new products from the profi hair shop, because they had a special offer.
I finally bought arganoil! Do you know it or even use it? I heard many good things about it and really wanted to try it, especially because I like to use oil for haircare!

Soon I will post some more interestign thing! <3 I hope you will like them!

Montag, 13. August 2012

Update + summer + I am going to move

Weather in germany is so nice right now! I feel really happy and could go out everyday <3
 And I am able to wear my hats again x;D
Learning in the sun <3 
On friday I was finally able to see my boyfriend again <3
 At a korean restaurant in cologne we had korean rice wine - it looks cool, doesn´t it?
 Lying in the sun next to the rhine and playing around with puri apps ^^;;
 The rhine looks so beautiful<3
 And the water was so clear and cold~ it felt soooo good!
I really wanted to go swimming - but I don´t think the rhine is a good place for it x;D
I couldn´t write since some time, because my parents bought a house and we will move soon. At first the house has to be renovate. But I am looking forward to it, because my sister will come back and because of the awesome bath!
Today we had a bbq at our new garden ( first time in my life we have a garden! I used to live in apartments). Even my sisters boyfriend came and Dastan had a lot of space to play.
 Looking forward to buy a big amercian style bbq *O*
 well, even in the garden is so much to do! in the back will be a solarium and a sauna. Also many flowers ( especially roses) and herbage will decorate the garden.

My sister bought some cupcakes from the new cupcake store in her hometown! <3 very sweet, but delicious!

 oh~ do you happen to know the name of these circle lenses? I would love to buy them, but I am scared I might buy a pair that are not as bright as these at natural brown eyes.>.<
I would be so happy and thankful if you could help me! <3

Mittwoch, 1. August 2012

DURAS Autumn Collection 2012

DURAS has released their new collection for autumn 2012. And I love it! *O* 

 I want the right dress and the updo is so lovely!

 I also fall in love with this dress!

What do you thing about the new collection?

You can see the clothers alreasy in the stores <3 I would love to see the new store decoration.

 And DURAS also offer lashes now *O* I think I will try them out, because Diamond Lashes are sometimes a way too much.
I found these three pictures at Maki (DURAS) Ameblo! <3

Actually I shouldn´t stalk the internet, because I still have a LOT to learn until my exam on monday.