Mittwoch, 11. Juli 2012

University stuff + some shopping

Thank you so much for your lovely comments to the cake! <3 I think I will post the recipe soon, because it is delicious and you should try it! =3

Lately I didn´t use the internet a lot because today I had my first oral exam in english medieval. I was so scared but the at the end I got 1,0 as mark. (*≧▽≦) 
Next exam is already next week, but tomorrow is my last day at university for this semester. <3 I will have more free time anc want to post outfits and make-up and would be happy if you tell me your opinion! <3

 In university we got free starbucks vanille coffee and later we made a little test in japanese history with these cool voting remotes! <3 

I got these new boots some time ago! <3 Right now the weather in germany is bad again that buying new boots in summer is not the worst idea xD

And I was able to get this things from gyaru_comm_sales for a super cheap price and hope they will arrive soon so I can try new outfits! <3

Today and tomorrow I get my hair done - hopefully everything will be good at the end.