Dienstag, 24. Juli 2012

Short update + job at gamescom 2012

Almost two weeks are left since the semester break started and I still haven´t done much. My days are like working, fitness and learning.
And I am sorry that it tooks so long for me to answer and commenting! m(_ _)m

On saturday I went together with B.-chan to Düsseldorf for the goodbye of our two japanese trainees. It was a sad but also a very nice moment because so many people came and sang this cute song.
And somehow I became even more nervous because of the exam next month.

Later we went back to colonge, I got ready for fitness and then I went to Düsseldorf again with my Darling for shopping.
I tried to do my hair, but I failed because I really have no routine anymore. Need to practice more!!!

Today I got my final confirmation for a job as a promo at the gamescom 2012. I really wanted to work at this trade again because it is so much fun and you are able to gain a lot of money in a short time. This time I will work for a korean publisher which is also popular in japan, europe and america. I will be a walking act for an ego shooter and gain more money than in two month working at the company. =O So happy! <3 I hope I can show you many pictures - last year I also met Lolitas, Mambas and Cosplayers. =3

Going to learn a bit more =3