Mittwoch, 25. Juli 2012

New Ma*rs Gets + Ma*rs Outfit

Today is my free day and I wanted to sleep a long time but already at 8 o´clock the postman called me and gave me two package with my new gets! <3#

Ma*rs Shirt
I´m still very disappointed because the seller didn´t tell me that this "shirt" was a dress and she just cut it off. You can´t wear it because it is too short, but I will repair it soon!The ribbon is just too cute to throw it away.

New stockings by Ma*rs

Ma*rs Bra
 And the best package is by Christiane! Thank you so much for selling the bra to me and for the cute packaging and letter! I am so happy and love it! <3 The lace is so pretty and it fits perfectly!

And now my outfit for today. It is so sunny and I feel like wearing something bright!
I am sorry for the crappy pictures. I am alone at home (no one can take a picture) and I am too lazy to use photoshop!

I would be happy if you tell me your opinion =3 Its for me the first time since a long time to do such a style~
Now I will take new pictures for my driver license and later I will learn again! <3