Montag, 16. Juli 2012

Korean Food + DURAS Order + Rione Duras

Actually I should learn now because tomorrow I write an exam (over 50% of the students fail X.x) but I can´t concentrate! ;0;
well, a short break ~

On friday I went together with a fellow worker of mine to a korean snack bar. I went there for the first time and had bibimbap. It was SO spicy but its tasted good.
And they also had korean sweets and icecream! <3

 Watermelon icecream ;0; so cute and delicious! <3

And later I finally had the chance to go to the solarium again. I wasn´t there for almost a month?
I like the blue light very much ** especially because I look so scary xD
And my solarium offers facial tissues with interesting pictures ôO but it smelled nice <3

Right now DURAS, one of my favorite brands, has sale. And actually I wanted to save money for holidays but the offers are just too good! <3
I can´t say how much I love this brand right now. I would like to buy everything, but it is quite expensive with a shopping service.
Well, these are my new achievement <3 I hope they arrive soon.
What do you think?

Do you already know Rione Duras?
Because DURAS has celebrated 10th anniversary they opened a new store at Omotosando, Harajuku called Rione Duras.
Rione Duras offers limited lines of DURAS and DURASambient next to the regular line.
I do want to go there! ;0; The store looks so beautiful and the clothers are just -> <3
(Pictures are from the omotesando blog)