Montag, 2. Juli 2012

Japanese Birthday Cake for my boyfriend and other stuff

Thank you very much for your comments and tips for my "Body Shaping" project! =3 The first few weeks will be hard but I am sure the result will make me happy! <3
And I wish you also much power!  ^o^

So, because it is my boyfriend birthday I made a japanese birthday day for the very first time. 
At first I did the sponge cake - it took a while because I wanted a very fluffy cake.
- egg yolk, beautiful color! - egg white - my sisters selfmade vanilla sugar <3 - ready dough
 Strawberries and more fruits <3 I covered them with gelatin so they look more shiny.
I filled the cake with cream&fruits and later I covered it with more cream. xD

Everything is selfmade and I am a bit proud =3 I think the cake is okay for the very first time and it was much fun.Especially because he said it is tasty and pretty! 

Sadly my boyfriend had to work today a lot, but we were able to celebrate a bit at night. Next morning I made him a obento and went to university!
 I kind of love cologne - I feel so comfortable there and would like to live there!
And I love starbucks! <3
I met B-chan in the train and we went to japanese class. Today we made origami for fun xD

 Two little frogs <3

 My last non-body-shaping food <3
 wanted to look a bit more natural for the last ´hot´days~ I am so in love with maxidresses again!
Honey is so photogenic <3 he became fluffy ;O; he is a half persian but with a beautiful face! <3