Mittwoch, 25. Juli 2012

New Ma*rs Gets + Ma*rs Outfit

Today is my free day and I wanted to sleep a long time but already at 8 o´clock the postman called me and gave me two package with my new gets! <3#

Ma*rs Shirt
I´m still very disappointed because the seller didn´t tell me that this "shirt" was a dress and she just cut it off. You can´t wear it because it is too short, but I will repair it soon!The ribbon is just too cute to throw it away.

New stockings by Ma*rs

Ma*rs Bra
 And the best package is by Christiane! Thank you so much for selling the bra to me and for the cute packaging and letter! I am so happy and love it! <3 The lace is so pretty and it fits perfectly!

And now my outfit for today. It is so sunny and I feel like wearing something bright!
I am sorry for the crappy pictures. I am alone at home (no one can take a picture) and I am too lazy to use photoshop!

I would be happy if you tell me your opinion =3 Its for me the first time since a long time to do such a style~
Now I will take new pictures for my driver license and later I will learn again! <3

Dienstag, 24. Juli 2012

Short update + job at gamescom 2012

Almost two weeks are left since the semester break started and I still haven´t done much. My days are like working, fitness and learning.
And I am sorry that it tooks so long for me to answer and commenting! m(_ _)m

On saturday I went together with B.-chan to Düsseldorf for the goodbye of our two japanese trainees. It was a sad but also a very nice moment because so many people came and sang this cute song.
And somehow I became even more nervous because of the exam next month.

Later we went back to colonge, I got ready for fitness and then I went to Düsseldorf again with my Darling for shopping.
I tried to do my hair, but I failed because I really have no routine anymore. Need to practice more!!!

Today I got my final confirmation for a job as a promo at the gamescom 2012. I really wanted to work at this trade again because it is so much fun and you are able to gain a lot of money in a short time. This time I will work for a korean publisher which is also popular in japan, europe and america. I will be a walking act for an ego shooter and gain more money than in two month working at the company. =O So happy! <3 I hope I can show you many pictures - last year I also met Lolitas, Mambas and Cosplayers. =3

Going to learn a bit more =3

Montag, 16. Juli 2012

Korean Food + DURAS Order + Rione Duras

Actually I should learn now because tomorrow I write an exam (over 50% of the students fail X.x) but I can´t concentrate! ;0;
well, a short break ~

On friday I went together with a fellow worker of mine to a korean snack bar. I went there for the first time and had bibimbap. It was SO spicy but its tasted good.
And they also had korean sweets and icecream! <3

 Watermelon icecream ;0; so cute and delicious! <3

And later I finally had the chance to go to the solarium again. I wasn´t there for almost a month?
I like the blue light very much ** especially because I look so scary xD
And my solarium offers facial tissues with interesting pictures ôO but it smelled nice <3

Right now DURAS, one of my favorite brands, has sale. And actually I wanted to save money for holidays but the offers are just too good! <3
I can´t say how much I love this brand right now. I would like to buy everything, but it is quite expensive with a shopping service.
Well, these are my new achievement <3 I hope they arrive soon.
What do you think?

Do you already know Rione Duras?
Because DURAS has celebrated 10th anniversary they opened a new store at Omotosando, Harajuku called Rione Duras.
Rione Duras offers limited lines of DURAS and DURASambient next to the regular line.
I do want to go there! ;0; The store looks so beautiful and the clothers are just -> <3
(Pictures are from the omotesando blog)

Mittwoch, 11. Juli 2012

University stuff + some shopping

Thank you so much for your lovely comments to the cake! <3 I think I will post the recipe soon, because it is delicious and you should try it! =3

Lately I didn´t use the internet a lot because today I had my first oral exam in english medieval. I was so scared but the at the end I got 1,0 as mark. (*≧▽≦) 
Next exam is already next week, but tomorrow is my last day at university for this semester. <3 I will have more free time anc want to post outfits and make-up and would be happy if you tell me your opinion! <3

 In university we got free starbucks vanille coffee and later we made a little test in japanese history with these cool voting remotes! <3 

I got these new boots some time ago! <3 Right now the weather in germany is bad again that buying new boots in summer is not the worst idea xD

And I was able to get this things from gyaru_comm_sales for a super cheap price and hope they will arrive soon so I can try new outfits! <3

Today and tomorrow I get my hair done - hopefully everything will be good at the end.

Montag, 2. Juli 2012

Japanese Birthday Cake for my boyfriend and other stuff

Thank you very much for your comments and tips for my "Body Shaping" project! =3 The first few weeks will be hard but I am sure the result will make me happy! <3
And I wish you also much power!  ^o^

So, because it is my boyfriend birthday I made a japanese birthday day for the very first time. 
At first I did the sponge cake - it took a while because I wanted a very fluffy cake.
- egg yolk, beautiful color! - egg white - my sisters selfmade vanilla sugar <3 - ready dough
 Strawberries and more fruits <3 I covered them with gelatin so they look more shiny.
I filled the cake with cream&fruits and later I covered it with more cream. xD

Everything is selfmade and I am a bit proud =3 I think the cake is okay for the very first time and it was much fun.Especially because he said it is tasty and pretty! 

Sadly my boyfriend had to work today a lot, but we were able to celebrate a bit at night. Next morning I made him a obento and went to university!
 I kind of love cologne - I feel so comfortable there and would like to live there!
And I love starbucks! <3
I met B-chan in the train and we went to japanese class. Today we made origami for fun xD

 Two little frogs <3

 My last non-body-shaping food <3
 wanted to look a bit more natural for the last ´hot´days~ I am so in love with maxidresses again!
Honey is so photogenic <3 he became fluffy ;O; he is a half persian but with a beautiful face! <3