Montag, 25. Juni 2012

weekend and Reiko Ide

On friday my darling pick me up from work and after some shopping for him we went to Hyuga for dinner.
We do not go often to Hyuga even though we met each other there for the first time. It is a bit expensive for a "fast" meal, but the sushi is really delicious. Sadly I was so full because of the starters that I could not really enjoy the fish. But it looks great! ;O;

On saturday I was lucky and ate selfmade butakimuchidon, misosoup and hiyayakko. I love onions by the ways xD my darling is talented in doing my favorite meals. <3
Right now I am really in love with tofu and could eat it all the time. Luckily it isn´t that expensive and unhealthy XD
 Ah - I tried to do a more cute style...noticed it doesn´t really suit me well and I don´t feel good ^^;;; But it was nice to try is once again. Thinking about to color my hair dark again...

Here are some picture of my second favorite model; Reiko Ide
I saw her the first time modeling for Duras, my favorite brand, and was so fascinated by her look.
Can you believe Reiko Ide is already over 30 years old? I want to look like this in ten years too! **

I am so in love with her hair and make-up in this picture! Always a big inspiration <3