Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2012

Japantag in Düsseldorf

Last saturday the big festival "Japantag" took place in Duesseldorf. 
I decided to go there quite spontaneously so I didn´t had the chance to think about a cool outfit and chosed my yukata in the end because I wore it only once.

I went there with university friends and met so many lovely people who I haven´t seen for almost two years! I was really happy and a bit shocked how much they have changed in this time...well...some people didn´t changed a bit and are still the same =3

Next to the big stairs I also had the chance to see some Gazette Cosplayers! <3 In our train-group was also a Ruki Cosplayer! She looked so cool and I wanted so much to try out her outfit! xD It was all over with rhinestones - so cool&sexy!

 I met the lovely young lady Christiane again! <3 I met her first in Japan while shopping at Shibuya 109 and was so fascinated by her! She is a such a lovely person and I love her style. She looks so beautiful in her Yukata and her hairstyle is awesome! I would love to met her soon again. *O*
And also a super cute maid joined us! Love her pink hair **

I also met Maya ( she also studies japanese) and her friend Shinpei! Both of them look so gorgeous! <3 I love the colors of Maya´s Yukata and the all the flowers in Shinpei´s hair!

Johanna and her friend <3 Johanna looks so sexy and I want these stockings so much! xD But I was also so much in love with the blue version of the jewelry jelly OP her friend is wearing*O*

Because I had no time I didn´t took any pictures of myself. Also because I gave so much effort in hair, make-up, nails...but stupid gravitation made my hair look ugly. I was really angry and sad -.-
 Later my Honey came to Duesseldorf too, we ate some pizza and he was so nice to take the picture above...but well...he needs to practice xD Thanks! <3

At the eveninh I also changed into my beloved Duras Dress because I was so tired of these shoes and no-sitting.
In the car - feel so grownup with the wheel in my hands xD