Dienstag, 26. Juni 2012

Big Goal - Body Shaping starts!

Guess what I am going to do?!

Yay, soon I am going to have a bit more free time (semesterbreak, but exams) - and I would like to use the time to shape my body! <3
I find myself not too fat, but I hate my thighs. I want to loose just a few kilos, but all in one I want my body to become tight and some muscular would be great. I would like to wear short skirts and shorts again without feeling stupid.

I think the models of Victoria´s Secret have a perfect body - not skinny, thin, tight, muscles. I hope these picture will support me enough to aim for my goal. ( I want these wings too <3)
I want to document everything and hope to see good results after some time. I will start at the 1.July to have a better overview of the results.
I don´t want to be hungry all the time and pass all the delicious food. I already have some ideas and a plan.

Do you have a special tip? Or doing the same right now?

がんばれ! <3