Dienstag, 26. Juni 2012

Big Goal - Body Shaping starts!

Guess what I am going to do?!

Yay, soon I am going to have a bit more free time (semesterbreak, but exams) - and I would like to use the time to shape my body! <3
I find myself not too fat, but I hate my thighs. I want to loose just a few kilos, but all in one I want my body to become tight and some muscular would be great. I would like to wear short skirts and shorts again without feeling stupid.

I think the models of Victoria´s Secret have a perfect body - not skinny, thin, tight, muscles. I hope these picture will support me enough to aim for my goal. ( I want these wings too <3)
I want to document everything and hope to see good results after some time. I will start at the 1.July to have a better overview of the results.
I don´t want to be hungry all the time and pass all the delicious food. I already have some ideas and a plan.

Do you have a special tip? Or doing the same right now?

がんばれ! <3

Montag, 25. Juni 2012

weekend and Reiko Ide

On friday my darling pick me up from work and after some shopping for him we went to Hyuga for dinner.
We do not go often to Hyuga even though we met each other there for the first time. It is a bit expensive for a "fast" meal, but the sushi is really delicious. Sadly I was so full because of the starters that I could not really enjoy the fish. But it looks great! ;O;

On saturday I was lucky and ate selfmade butakimuchidon, misosoup and hiyayakko. I love onions by the ways xD my darling is talented in doing my favorite meals. <3
Right now I am really in love with tofu and could eat it all the time. Luckily it isn´t that expensive and unhealthy XD
 Ah - I tried to do a more cute style...noticed it doesn´t really suit me well and I don´t feel good ^^;;; But it was nice to try is once again. Thinking about to color my hair dark again...

Here are some picture of my second favorite model; Reiko Ide
I saw her the first time modeling for Duras, my favorite brand, and was so fascinated by her look.
Can you believe Reiko Ide is already over 30 years old? I want to look like this in ten years too! **

I am so in love with her hair and make-up in this picture! Always a big inspiration <3

Sonntag, 17. Juni 2012

Weekend + Favorite Model from Nuts 1#

At first thank you so much for all the nice comments at my last post about the ,"Japantag" I am really happy and it cheers me up!

The last week was so exhausting for me. Lately, I am in a constant stress and pressure situation, but last week was a small peak, so that even my body has complained and made ​​my days even harder!ε-(´・`)
So I was really happy about weekend and some free time!
And even I have to save money I ordered two lovely things at galstar! Hope they will arrive on time!\(o ̄∇ ̄o)
Ah~ For a month now I am going tanning, because I feel like having a more healthy skincolor than yellowish white (-.- );  I think the color now suits me a bit better and I also feel more comfortable.
 On saturday evening my darling and me went to a small japanese lounge and restaurant for dinner. In the internet it has great reviews so we were really curious about it.
 Well...we had Tofu, Karaage, Gyoza, Tempura, Sushi and Steakdon - in the end it was tasty but too expensive for mostly non-self-made food! ( `´)But they have good japanese cocktails - so maybe it is more a bar than a restaurant. 
ahh...looking at this picture I need to buy more tofu, I think...really delicious and healthy!

I also wanted to post some pictures of one of my favorite models; Sayaoko Ozaki! <3
I love her style really much and think she is really beautiful. <3

 She has a perfect body in my opinion! <3 I am looking forward to get such a body, too xD And of course this lovely bikini! <3

Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2012

Japantag in Düsseldorf

Last saturday the big festival "Japantag" took place in Duesseldorf. 
I decided to go there quite spontaneously so I didn´t had the chance to think about a cool outfit and chosed my yukata in the end because I wore it only once.

I went there with university friends and met so many lovely people who I haven´t seen for almost two years! I was really happy and a bit shocked how much they have changed in this time...well...some people didn´t changed a bit and are still the same =3

Next to the big stairs I also had the chance to see some Gazette Cosplayers! <3 In our train-group was also a Ruki Cosplayer! She looked so cool and I wanted so much to try out her outfit! xD It was all over with rhinestones - so cool&sexy!

 I met the lovely young lady Christiane again! <3 I met her first in Japan while shopping at Shibuya 109 and was so fascinated by her! She is a such a lovely person and I love her style. She looks so beautiful in her Yukata and her hairstyle is awesome! I would love to met her soon again. *O*
And also a super cute maid joined us! Love her pink hair **

I also met Maya ( she also studies japanese) and her friend Shinpei! Both of them look so gorgeous! <3 I love the colors of Maya´s Yukata and the all the flowers in Shinpei´s hair!

Johanna and her friend <3 Johanna looks so sexy and I want these stockings so much! xD But I was also so much in love with the blue version of the jewelry jelly OP her friend is wearing*O*

Because I had no time I didn´t took any pictures of myself. Also because I gave so much effort in hair, make-up, nails...but stupid gravitation made my hair look ugly. I was really angry and sad -.-
 Later my Honey came to Duesseldorf too, we ate some pizza and he was so nice to take the picture above...but well...he needs to practice xD Thanks! <3

At the eveninh I also changed into my beloved Duras Dress because I was so tired of these shoes and no-sitting.
In the car - feel so grownup with the wheel in my hands xD