Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012

New Gets - Ma*rs, Golds Infinity, Jesus Diamante, Prisila, Deary and LizLisa

This week I got package with some new items! <3 I was a bit scared to get trouble with the customs again, but everything went well <3

 Prisila Half Wig - Sadly the color is MUCH to dark for my natural it has to go ;O;
It is really a lovely accessoire and I would love to use it.
 Golds Infinity Top
 Golds Infinity dress and the suitable carigan (forgot to take a picture of it)
 "Heart Brigitte" Handbag in pink by Jesus Diamante - I bought it the second time because I regret selling it some time ago. ^^;
 Golds Infinity top - it was really hard to take picture of the cut which is really cool!
 Famous Ma*rs dress <3
 Ma*rs Jumper...but I don´t like it on I think I am going to give it away.
 The print is lovely <3 But...Maybe I should had buy two different prints...xD;
 Ma*rs Dress with pink lace - it is tight and looks super sexy <3
 Love the back witht he big ribbon and the lace <3
 Pink Mules by Deary - bought it directly from the shop and was very surprised how easy and fast it was!
 cinderela shoes <3

 Heart Chain Belt by Ma*rs - I wanted it for such a long time and finally bought it! So happy <3
Necklace by LizLisa - My old Tralala necklace it broken so I thought this one would be cute!

Want to wear these items soon <3