Montag, 21. Mai 2012

My new love by Louis Vuitton

On saturday I went with my honey to the small "Louis Vuitton" store in colonge to look for my new bag.
Actually I wanted to get it not until in a few months, but I really do not have any for the university and do not want to waste money in bags I don´t really like.
So I made a big step and bought my (big) new bag.
It is the Neverfull GM in Damier <3  It is really big and perfect for university, office, shopping etc. Neverfull is a good name for it ^.^

You can also change the style a bit!
The inside of the bag is so cool and pretty! *O*
I'm proud that I finally was allowed to buy the bag because I've worked hard in the office after the university. I like to earn money by myself with good work and save this in order to buy "big" things. It feels a bit like a challenge xD
Next things are already planed and shopping will be already this year. But my third and biggest wish will take a really long long time. -.- But I am looking forward to hold this baby in my hands! <3