Donnerstag, 10. Mai 2012

Day 9 - Tokyos "CHANEL" Café

Once I found the information a cafe by Chanel is placed in Tokyo I wanted to go there so much!
And on the first day it was so rainy that they closed the cafe. But my Honey was so nice and suggest to go there again at another day.

So here we go <3  


In the elevator - we go to the terrace!

 Through the beautiful entrance to the terrace.

Because the Café is on the top of a building we had a beautiful view <3
The menu is really small and really expensive! O.o 
Because it is spring I had  sakura champagne and chocolate. And my honey luxus cappu.

 The chocolate looks so lovely! But only these small five pieces of chocolate cost 1000Yen.
The waitress were of course very nice and wore Chanel. **
 I was so happy xD
 So beautiful! <3 I just love this~

 And this is so chanel! <3

 It was a lovely day and I was so happy to visit the cafe. <3