Mittwoch, 2. Mai 2012

Day 8 - Disneyland Tokyo Part 1

I love Disneyland really much, because the Disney Movies were really important in my childhood and I still like to all the lovely films. In Disneyland you can feel really happy without thinking about university, work etc. ^^;
Few years ago I went to Disneyland Paris and was really curious about the Tokyo one <3
 Because I wanted to sleep a little bit longer I couldn´t do my hair or make-up ^^;;; I am going to censor my face xD

I would love to sleep one night in this awesome hotel! <3

 Donald ;O; He is my favorite and I was so *hach* when I saw him. He was really popular and I had no chance to take a picture with him!

 A morel!!!! <3

 Snow White the owner of the castle in Tokyo! <3 She is singing all the time and her dwarfs are eggshaped for easter!

 Kaptain Jack Sparrow was also there! In Paris his section is much more cool.

 Ghost castle!

 The teapot was really smoking <3 and in real they are...
 they are a soda mashine! *O*
The beautiful castle! <3

Next post more pictures of Disneyland~ I hope you can see the lovely world of Disney a bit in these pictures =3