Sonntag, 13. Mai 2012

Day 10 - Uenos Cherry Blossoms

Another day my darling and me went to Ueno to look for the early cherry blossoms.
For me it was the first time in Ueno and I was really curious about the super famous blossoms.
 At that day the weather was quite nice and I felt a bit lucky. =3

In this post the pictures are a bit too big for the layout.
But I hope you don´t mind.
Blue sky,white/pink blossoms and brown wood. It was so beautiful <3 
At that day a lot of people went to Ueno.  It is nice to see that japanese still enjoy their cherry blossoms even though they can see them every year.
We went to the small temple bought talismans and prayed. **
While taking pictures of the blossoms a NHK camera man asked us if he can shoot while enjoying the blossoms *O* Of course I took the chance to be in japanese television for a short time.

Also many different kinds of food were sold there. 
 My darling got sakura soft ice. And to be honest it was super delicious *O*
 Isn´t he cute *O*