Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012

New Gets - Ma*rs, Golds Infinity, Jesus Diamante, Prisila, Deary and LizLisa

This week I got package with some new items! <3 I was a bit scared to get trouble with the customs again, but everything went well <3

 Prisila Half Wig - Sadly the color is MUCH to dark for my natural it has to go ;O;
It is really a lovely accessoire and I would love to use it.
 Golds Infinity Top
 Golds Infinity dress and the suitable carigan (forgot to take a picture of it)
 "Heart Brigitte" Handbag in pink by Jesus Diamante - I bought it the second time because I regret selling it some time ago. ^^;
 Golds Infinity top - it was really hard to take picture of the cut which is really cool!
 Famous Ma*rs dress <3
 Ma*rs Jumper...but I don´t like it on I think I am going to give it away.
 The print is lovely <3 But...Maybe I should had buy two different prints...xD;
 Ma*rs Dress with pink lace - it is tight and looks super sexy <3
 Love the back witht he big ribbon and the lace <3
 Pink Mules by Deary - bought it directly from the shop and was very surprised how easy and fast it was!
 cinderela shoes <3

 Heart Chain Belt by Ma*rs - I wanted it for such a long time and finally bought it! So happy <3
Necklace by LizLisa - My old Tralala necklace it broken so I thought this one would be cute!

Want to wear these items soon <3

Montag, 21. Mai 2012

My new love by Louis Vuitton

On saturday I went with my honey to the small "Louis Vuitton" store in colonge to look for my new bag.
Actually I wanted to get it not until in a few months, but I really do not have any for the university and do not want to waste money in bags I don´t really like.
So I made a big step and bought my (big) new bag.
It is the Neverfull GM in Damier <3  It is really big and perfect for university, office, shopping etc. Neverfull is a good name for it ^.^

You can also change the style a bit!
The inside of the bag is so cool and pretty! *O*
I'm proud that I finally was allowed to buy the bag because I've worked hard in the office after the university. I like to earn money by myself with good work and save this in order to buy "big" things. It feels a bit like a challenge xD
Next things are already planed and shopping will be already this year. But my third and biggest wish will take a really long long time. -.- But I am looking forward to hold this baby in my hands! <3

Sonntag, 13. Mai 2012

Day 10 - Uenos Cherry Blossoms

Another day my darling and me went to Ueno to look for the early cherry blossoms.
For me it was the first time in Ueno and I was really curious about the super famous blossoms.
 At that day the weather was quite nice and I felt a bit lucky. =3

In this post the pictures are a bit too big for the layout.
But I hope you don´t mind.
Blue sky,white/pink blossoms and brown wood. It was so beautiful <3 
At that day a lot of people went to Ueno.  It is nice to see that japanese still enjoy their cherry blossoms even though they can see them every year.
We went to the small temple bought talismans and prayed. **
While taking pictures of the blossoms a NHK camera man asked us if he can shoot while enjoying the blossoms *O* Of course I took the chance to be in japanese television for a short time.

Also many different kinds of food were sold there. 
 My darling got sakura soft ice. And to be honest it was super delicious *O*
 Isn´t he cute *O*