Sonntag, 29. April 2012

Last friday I got invited to Theresas Birthday Party at a mexican bar in Düsseldorf. <3
 The birthday girl Theresa =3 She looks soooo cute and beautiful! <3 She is a really lovely and nice girl!
And Thanh Thao! I met her for the very first time although I am reading her blog for some time. She is also a lovely and super stylish girl! *O* I was so perplexed and shy ^^;;;

 Sonia, Caro and Philipp =3 They are also studying japanese and are sooo nice ~<3
 Nachos with cheese sauce! <3 I love this sauce **
 And our cocktails <3 They were delicious and some had strange colors ^o^

Sadly I had to go too early because of my last train. But all in one it was a lovely evening with much fun and I am looking forward to see everyone again on thursday evening.;O;
Thank you so much, Theresa, for the invitation! <3

My Honey was so nice and took me from the trainstation. Sometimes it is really dangerous to be alone at night in germany >.<
In train I tried to take a picture of was already too late ^^;