Mittwoch, 25. April 2012

Day 7 - Rainy, so just a short stop in Ginza, Ebisu and Izakaya

At the 7th day of our trip it was terrible rainy. But I was finally able to get one of these transparent umbrellas xD I think they are cool!
At first we went to Ginza, because my Honey wanted to visit the Chrome Hearts store (which looks really, really cool) and I wanted to visit the big Chanel store and a special thing for me.
But because it was rainy the ,,Special thing" was closed. ;_;

 The big Chanel store. It has about 4 floors and soooo many lovely goods. The staff was also very friendly and I saw my future darling in real life! <3

In Ebisu I had a small accident (I broke my coat ^^;;;) and my mood was bad. I was really sad xD
But because I love Hana Yori Dango I had to take a picture here! <3<3<3
 Yamashite Tomohisa´s new CD
 And also Akanishis and KAt-TUNs new CD -> want it! But I don´t buy any CDs to be honest, because I have no CD player in my room ^^;

At the evening we went to Shibuya to meet a friend at an izakaya.

 In the station was a furry picture of this bear. I really have no clue that is going on with this bear. Many people made picture of it and maaaaany girls are holding these bears in their arms. I only know it is from disneyland.
Also in the train! xD Everywhere~
Baskin-Robbins, a ice cream store (directly next to Shibuya109) had easter special! <3 Aren´t the eggs super cute?

Sashimi plate...doesn´t the fish looks super scary? O.o all in one it was a nice plate with too little fish. The salmon was super delicious! <3
I like their cocktails so much<3 I tried peach tea, peach orange, strawberry and such awesome fuits ones. All were super delicious!
I also had my first "flirt" in japanese at the floor of the izakaya xDDDD 
At the end we took purikura together <3 I looked soooo bad! xD I got so wet and was still sad about my coat. But it was quite much fun~ I felt a bit like a japanese teenager <3
By the way...Do you know this family? xD It seems to be famous in japan? found it on the way home.