Dienstag, 24. April 2012

Day 6 - Short post about Harajuku

One day after we finally arrived in Tokyo my Honey and I went to Harajuku (and later also to Shibuya xD) and later we visited a friends couple at their new appartment <3
Very, very early and tired in the morning we took the bus to the train station.
 Try to look happy xD It was already a bit sunny but super cold.
 buying a super expensive ticket for train. To be honest I "lost" a lot of money just because of the train tickets.

Honey and me in train~ 
Takeshita-dōri <3 Harajuku is not my favorite place, but I like to see all the people there.
At this day maaaany people went to Harajuku because a member oob a boygroup was there ?

Mostly dark hair xD and it was really hard to walk because the people were pushing so hard.
At the end I wasn´t even able to visit a store, because the police said us to use the small streets next to the big one. Later I saw that the police also closed the takeshite-dōri so no people can come in anymore.
Godiva <3

Of course we also ate crepes! Sadly my favorite crepe store is closed ;O; But the cream of this one was also delicious but the crepe itself was really "crispy" xD
Laforet! I never went in and forgot the stores they have. But I think next time I am going to visit it.

So later we visited the couple in their new apartment. I is a really nice apartment, but soooo expensive x.x I am still shocked. Can you imagine to pay thousand of euros for a small apartment?
And my food from Lawson xD love the prices <3 Doesn´t is looks super delicious <3