Mittwoch, 18. April 2012

Day 5 - Sapporo and going back to Tokyo

So went by car to Sapporo and it only took about 4 hours. Most of the time we went directly next to the sea and had a lovely view over the lanscape of Hokkaido.
If you like nature you should look for a trip to Hokkaido. =3 I think it could be a nice experience for you.
In Sapporo we still had some time until the meet-up with my Honey family. So we did a bit sightseeing. But it was still so cold and we were so tired that we didn´t do that much.

Mostly everywhere are little restaurants which offers crabs and show it very flashy! xD Aren´t they cute?
Tokeidai, a symbol of Sapporo (1878). And to be honest I don´t think it is nice ^^;

I was really early in the morning on tour! xD

A shopping centre like Shibuya109, even with male shops like Fuga, Diavlo etc.
They have some items with are already sold out in Shibuya and my Honey got some clothers there.
The city is quite big, but there aren´t as many people as in tokyo walking at the streets.

 Favorite conbini Lawson! <3 I really miss these shops in germany.
 Also really expensive stores like Tiffany&Co are placed in Sapporo. 
The ring is beautiful, isn´t it? Want it! <3
 Yamashita Tomohisa <3 The above picture is also the at the building of Shibuya 109
 A least we went to a hospital (first time for me at a japanese hospital). It was really interesting and reminds me a bit of german hospital. Expect the fact that japanese people seems to become healthy much more and much faster. (some german people are really scarry and want a lot of pity)
Later we went out to eat Yakiniku (sooo delicious).

We stayed a night in a small hotel we got together with the flight.
 This is the plan and mostly every room was super small for two people. But we got the big one (913), but it was still super small!!! I wonder about the size of the real small rooms! xD
Next day at the airport we had Tempura-Don and Sashimi-Don
 The airport is quit big and you can buy a lot of special Hokkaido Milk Candies. While we bought some cakes and cookies, we found this was a really small pieces and still cost 260Yen! xD
To be honest I was happy to go back to Tokyo because I hoped it would be warm!