Samstag, 14. April 2012

Day 4 - Flight to Hokkaido, Hakodate Part 2

Here is Part 2 in Hokkaido!
After having coffee and super delicious desserts at my honeys uncles house we went to a hotel.
The uncle booked us a room in this nice hotel and also a lovely dinner ;O; They are too friendly!
  In this Hotel you are able to celebrate your wedding. To be honest it doesn´t look so special, but the wedding photos in the advertisments looked lovely.
I don´t want to marry in a hotel. ^^; What do you think?
Especially in Japan the weddings chapel are so cute and pretty. <3
This is a part of our dinner we had in the hotel.
It was almost a bit of everything! xD Tempura, Roast Beef, Sashimi, vegetables etc. And the best thing was sukiyaki! I ate this for the first time and fall in love with it! The fresh egg with it is just perfect! You should really try it! <3

In mostly every hotel you get a room yukata + haori. I really like to wear this <3 The fabrics and colors are super pretty.

Of course I tried it on and went to onsen. <3 It was also my first time having a bath there. Because it was already late I was alone and had every pool for my own. It is separated in mens area and woman area. To be wasn´t a natural one and felt more like differents verions of whirlpools and water. But it doesn´t matter because it was sooooo good! I sit almost two hours in the whirlpool and relaxed~ <3

At the next day we had awesome breakfast and I was so surprised by the snow next to our window.
It was almost 2 metres high! *O*
After that breakfast we went by car to Sapporo!