Donnerstag, 12. April 2012

Day 4 - Flight to Hokkaido, Hakodate Part 1

For now I am going to leave out Day 2 and 3, because I went to Shibuya and want to make only one post about Shibuya including all days in there.

On the 4th day of our trip we went to Hokkaido, Hakodate to meet his uncles, aunts, cousins and nephew by plane.
It is said that Hakodate is the third biggest city of Hokkaido...but I can´t believe that x,D I think it is famous because of the big seaport an their delicious, fresh fish. Sadly also this area had been flooded by the tsunami of the 11. march 2011.

Early in the morning we arrived in Hakodate and rent a car to go to his aunt and uncle. It was sooooo terrible COLD and windy! OoO Really I couldn´t stand it and wanted to stay on the car forever.
Our super hot car called "Last Samurai" xD This shape and color seems to be popluar in Japan?! I saw it often and the Honda-Man was also very happy about this car. To be honest it is not my dream car^^;;
It really looks like a hako!

 Of course be went out to eat Sushi for trying the fresh fish. I don´t like to eat running-sushi so I am the person who always order everything ^^;;; But it was super tasty! <3
 I looked so fat! xD I only took spring clothers with me to Japan, so I was happy to buy a pullover and a coat in 109. I wore so many clothers, felt like an onion and was still freezing. But I love the extensions so much! <3

 I am always so fascinated by the sea....

In summer is a beautiful place for holidays and I would love to go swimming there. =3
 Nori <3 xD
typical view of japan, huh?
 The Goryōkaku-Tower

The port of Hakodate is really beautiful and you are able to see a bit of nature everytime.
The sea wind smells lovely and feels so fresh (+cold) 
Because I am not able to upload more pictures right now I have to split the post in two parts ^^;;