Montag, 9. April 2012

Day 1 - Japanese Extentions, Hime Nails and Izakaya

Right after we landed, we took the train into central Tokyo. Since we had very little time and my Honey has already made ​​two important dates in Germany. I was really happy and excited. <3
Our first stop was Takadanobaba. 

There is a really, really small but familiar hair salon that offers great hairextensions. I choosed this salon because I read a good review about it at a lovely blog by a german girl living in Japan. =3

Only two girls work there. They gave me ocha and many magazines like Ageha, Blenda. <3
I took the set of 50 strands a 2g of 60cm hair with dark blonde highlights. I only paid 8,800 Yen, because they have a special price time now. That is soooooo cheap!

The girls worked really fast and u. san was really friendly, gave much effort in cutting the hair like my *bäh* own hair. It took only about an hour and I am really satisfied! They perfectly mixed the haircolors so it suits to my hair.
 Picture from the website
  Picture from the website
This is the way the extenions looks like. They are MUCH more comfortable than clip-in extensions. I really don´t feel like something strange is on my head. xD The hair feels soft even after two weeks now. The only problem is that the hair takes a long time to dry.
Later you can see the result =3
Got also an point card <3 Love this system!
 Next to Takadanobaba Station
After my appointment at the hairsalon we went to Ikebukuro.

There my Honey used his perfect sense of orientation to find the small, hidden nail salon. xD
Also this salon is very small and familiar. I didn´t took any pictures in the salon, because there were also other gals having their nails done and they would maybe feel uncomfortable.

At first I was scared because it was my first time having made fake nails but I got an appointment with the head of the salon. <3
The girl was so pretty and asked me a lot of question how I want my nails done although I showed her a few pictures. xD I choosed graduation with pink heard glitter and round ends. The system is acryl.
Then I had to look for prints and rhinestones. I took two ribbons, big round swarowski crystals and sakura blossoms. But at the end the girl and I forgot about them ^^;;; They have many different things like brand logos, candy, skulls etc.
All in one it took over three hours. My poor Honey went out for Ramen >.<
To be honest I am not 100% satisfied with the result...I wanted it much more bling bling, but even after some askings she didn´t changed much. ^^;;;
In the end I paid again 1000Yen extra to get a special coat over the nails so the rhinestones don´t get lost. This was maybe a really good decision.

Finally and happy about my new experiences we went to his home and then to an izakaya to meet some friends. I was already awake for almost 40 hours and felt really really tired. I don´t know why but he was still fit!?

 In the toilet I made a picture. Here you can my new extenions. <3
Then an old lady came an tried to talk to me. xD Actually she was really nice and asked me a lot of question. I was happy because some of the questions I was able to understand and answer. xD

Yummy japanese food so cheap <3 I don´t remember everything I ate..steak, gyoza? But I had delicious momo cocktails again! <3 I love and miss them!
I haven´t seen the boys for over a year. All in one it was much fun and very delicious. 

After few hours I was finally at his home again, talked with his family, took a hot bath ( love japanese bath) and just fell into the bed. xD