Samstag, 7. April 2012

Day 1 - Flight to Tokyo

After my holidays in Japan I am back in germany again. 
I was there for only two weeks and I really want to go back again. x;D

On the 23th march 10  o´clock we went from Duesseldorf Airport to Moscow by Russian Airline. The tickets were unbelievable cheap so I didn´t expect much. 
Just a few hours later we arrived in Moscow and had 2 hours time to check the airport.
In russia it is still winter and a lot of snow covers the landscape.

We found a lovely Chanel Store with make-up and fragrances! <3 I got a powder because it it a bit cheaper than in germany. Sadly it was only packed in a boring duty-free shopping bag.
By the way...I can not recommend the powder, because it doesn´t cover good and feels strange on the skin. >:<

While having some drinks I played some games.
 I was so tired XD But in the background you can see delicious pommes. <3 The food in russian airport is really expensive and nothing special. So we didn´t eat anything.
 Then we finally board in the Airbus 330 to Tokyo. Of course it was a really big airplane, but we were lucky and had a two seat row. Privateness <3
 While starting they showed us with a live camera the runway and it looked very scary like a horrorfilm because it was already dark.
 Moscow at night. Every city looks lovely at night! <3
I didn´t slept the whole night so I watched movies like Grease, Puss in Boots, Jack&Jill, Sakrileg.
The airplane is so loud that it is hard to understand a word. ^^;;;
 Already in China the sun was shinning and the lanscape was so beautiful!
The meal was okay and we also had fortune cookies..but...I got no paper in it!!! In exchange my Honey got two papers XD
 This is one of the best moments! Finally in Japan you can´t wait to land.
Sadly the weather wasn´t good in Japan...Rain and cold wind. I was really freezing, because I am in spring mood and took only spring clothers with me.^^;;; It was still 12 o´clock so we had a lot of time to do some things! But I am going to post later.