Dienstag, 6. März 2012

Shopping with friends // Packages arrived!

I´m back home again. I have still much to do right now and feel really tired. I went shopping with my sister and an old school friend to the big shopping centre in Oberhausen...I didn´t bought anything but saw some really cool stores!
I totally fall in love with "Hollister". The shop looks like a beach house with the sea, cool music and a lovely smell. The store staff ist cool, friendly and handsome. Everything is awesome and you really feel like holidays. Want to go there again!

At home I found to small packages! <3<3<3
 At first my very first DURAS item! *O* I fall in love with this blouse at the first sight, but I thought it is a bit expensive (about 9000Yen). Some time ago it was on 50% sale! I had to buy it directly and also got the most popular color  beige! At the end it was still expensive because of the shopping service and shipping. But it is sooooo worth! I love it so much! The fabric and the color are awesome, it feels so good to wear it. Happy to own it!

Stockpicture <3<3<3
 And the second package was my birthday present from my sister! <3 I got this lovely lace dress by H&M in november but it was size S and too big for me so I had to change it and wait four month to get the XS one....but it is here and I like it very much too! <3
I searched so long for these and my sister finally found them in her hometown! I was so happy and said her to buy these for me. <3 They look really lovely!
 My sister got me also these two Chanel Ombre Essentielle in sale (two for one)! <3 I got the colors 89 Twilight and 86 Trace! <3 Chanel eyeshadow is really pretty and longliving.

Now I have to go to bed...I go to work tomorrow again. =3