Donnerstag, 22. März 2012

Exam and shopping + food

Yesterday I wrote my last exam in this semester. I am really happy and want to concentrate on my upcoming trip and the last day with my family.

My sister was so friendly and took me to university because the metro and so on were striking. Honestly I was scared to be too late for the exam and couldn´t sleep the whole night. I was punctual <3

Then we went a bit shopping and had meal at Blockhouse, a famous and delicious steakhouse.
I had beef with mushrooms in green pepper sauce with au gratin potatoes and salad <3 So delicious *O*
And I got this super awesome scarf at H&M <3 

After thatI went to the hairstylist! I was really happy to get an appointment with the head of the salon.He was really friendly and gave much effort to understand my wishes (this is quite hard xD). At the end we decided to cut a lot, color it more ash and make light highlights.
In the end I am very satisfied with the result, but it was so expensive...I was so shocked...

And I found this cool book by How I met your mother! <3 I love this series and this book is really fun

Today I went shopping for my tomorrow trip. I bought easter chocolate for my boyfriends mother and found this awesome egg!
 It is a real colored egg with nougat in it.
Super cool and delicious *o*