Dienstag, 13. März 2012

Dinner at Teppanyaki restaurant with honey

Last friday I met my honey after work and he surprised me with an invitation to a teppanyaki restaurant. <3 I was really excited because we don´t go often out for dinner.

It was the first time for me at a teppanyaki restaurant. So I was really curious about the cooking. =3
We sat next to a big table with a hotplate. The waitress wore yukatas and looked very lovely. The cookers were also very nice and talented.

We had tuna, makisushi with root, fish and liver as starter. I was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture ^^;;; I also had a japanese cocktail with sake, grenadine etc. But it didn´t look nice and wasn´t that good. >.<

The first dish was a seafood plate with vegetables. <3
 Here is the ready plate! Salmon, clam shell and prawn with butter sauce. 
Everything was so delicious, soft and juicy. ;O;

When we got a salat for break. Actually...I don´t know why. XD Because I was shocked about it I also forgot to take a pitcure of the salat.

When we had a meat plate with various mushrooms and vegetables. <3
 At the end there was a plate full of delicious beef steak, mushrooms and duck.
Actually I don´t like to eat duck. But this one was really good with orange and teriyaki sauce! But I miss the steak so much right now. It was really, really good.
We also got chahan with much garlic **
At least the dessert! flambéed ice cream with crepe and various fruits! <3
 The cooker made a heart, but I was to slowly taking a good picture so I copied the fire with a photo programm and duplicated it xD;;;
 Doesn´t the dessert looks super delicious? *O* The ice cream was sooo good. I have never ate such a good ice before and the crepe was also soooo good. The sause was made of raspberries. <3<3<3
I would really like to eat that again. And it was so much fun to see the cookers at their work. I am deeply grateful for this awesome memory! It was such a nice idea <3