Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2012

Valentines Day + Escadas "Best of 20 years of summer fragrances"

At first thank you yo much for your lovely comments! ;O; I am going to post the recipe soon. I hope you like it! =3
I hope everyone had a lovely day together with their beloved persons! <3 Valentines day is a really cute day to show your love again~ <3

Like many other gals I made chocolates for my Honey. <3  I took real vanilla because it smells so delicious and the taste is much better than all the chemicals concentrates. =3

Sadly I forgot to take some picture of the finished chocolates...they were white and heard shaped! <3 I also made the box and decorations by myself.

I visited my honey after work and I cooked his favorite food. Sadly he had to work a lot and also the other day he wasn´t able to spend more time with me. But we had a really great evening and much fun.<3 I can´t believe that we are already together for two years now! <3<3<3
He was so lovely and gave me such a big, big present. I was really shocked and I don´t know that to  say.  It really was not necessary to give so much effort. I am going to wear them everytime when we will have a nice day together. ;O; <3 
 Earrings by Chanel in typical CC style and lovely black and white crystals. They are sooo beautiful and I could look all the time at them. The packaging and everything is just perfect.
I also tried to take some pictures of myself (picture spam) but...I dont know...I'm not talented to take pictures. Well...

Today I also went to duesseldorf with my sister to buy a nice present for our mothers birthday on friday. She also gave me a valentins present ;_; She is the best sister ever.
She gave me the fragance "Sexy Graffiti" by Escada. It was the summer fragrance of the year 2002 and then is was no longer manufactured. Escada has brought out a special edition and give the fragrance a short time in sale again! Such a beautiful idea. The scent is wonderful! Strawberry, grapefruit, raspberry, lily of the valley, red peony, violet, Cashmere, Vanilla! Just perfect! Sadly the flacon is a bit...well...the last one is much better! xD

 There was also a special box with a cosmetic bag! Isn´t it totally awesome?

I am going to bed now because tomorrow I have to go to work again. *O*
Have a lovely day!