Mittwoch, 8. Februar 2012

New awesome boots again!

Right now its spring break an I have quite much to do! So much to learn ^^;;;

Yesterday I went to fitness with my sister for the first time. It was fun and I felt so refreshed. It seems like I missing school sport...but I hate sport xD;;; Next week I will go again, because I had to go to work today and the next two days. 

Last weekend I made Kaarage for my Honey and me. Kaarage is really easy to make and are sooo delicious! *O* I´m thinking about to make a recipe for it at my blog.
It was so cold on saturday and I was tired that we just went to cologne city for shopping. Actually I really didn´t want to buy anything...but...I finally found beige suede boots!!! (*≧▽≦) So happy!

They were on sale from 60€ to 20€ Euro! <3 
On the picture they are a bit darker than in irl, but still so awesome. I am looking forward wearing them in spring!
I also noticed that my feet got smaller?!  A long time ago I had size 40, size two year size 39 again and now these boots are size 38! I was so surprised and relieved because my honey has forced me to try them on. (only 38 and 41 were left.)
Doesn´t they look a bit like these awesome boots by Duras? I totally fall in love with this outfit! <3 Everythings suits perfectly together! Don´t you think?