Dienstag, 21. Februar 2012

Learning japanese with Beri-chan

Today I met Beri-chan in Duesseldorf to learn for our japanese exam on thursday. 
On the way to Duesseldorf I noticed the nice weather. After the severe winter it already felt like spring today. The air and sun was so lovely <3 I want to wear spring clothers finally! xD
 On the way to university went bought bentos at maruyasu. It was delicious and I also got a piece of grilled salmon which remembered me of the breakfast by my honey mother. *O* <3<3<3

 We had learned a lot and I think the exam is going to be okay. I was quite hard to stop talking about different and more interesting things like fashion, music etc. xD But we did a great job, I think.
Later we went to Relax, a japanese café and bar, for coffee and cake. We had white chocolate&strawberry cake, which was very delicious! <3 We also learned at the café for a while.
Now I have a break and I am going to start to learn vocabulary again soon. Tomorrow I am going to learn a lot and hope to have a good mark as a present! xD I know that I have to learn english, too. Today I have applied to the exam on the 21th march. I think I will fail xD Maybe I will speak english much better after learning all the grammar. At school I was really lazy and didn´t learn much. -.-;;;

I saw the new sping collection by DURAS and totally fall in love with many of their clothers, but this pullover is the best! I hope so much it will be still for sale till the end of march. I want to buy it so much. It looks sexy and elegant <3 And the color is the pure love *O*