Montag, 27. Februar 2012

About Cats, Doctor, Nude Pumps, Mobilphone

Home again! <3
Finally I wrote my japanese exam last week. Actually I don´t know how to feel about it. I am a bit nervous because of the mark. Until the 21th march I am going to learn a lot for my english exam. 
Today I went to the doctor for a checkup. I am healthy, but it was so expensive. 
I finally wore the super cheap top by handm! I think it is really nice and lovely for spring! =3 Love these sleeves~
 Today Dastan was really lazy and purring all the time. He is sooo furry and cute, but his eyes telling me that he hates cameras xD
 I also got two new items! <3 So happy!
At first; nude pumps! I think these are really a must have for spring, because they suits mostly to every style and time. Looks elegant and sexy <3 I got them very cheap for only 19€. Normally they cost a lot of money. especially the brands ones...
 Also american stars wear them
And japanese brands like duras! 
Just love them!

Because I have a new contract I also got a new mobilphone. It is the Samsung Galaxy SII - of course in white! I am looking forward to use it and look for all the features. I never had a phone like this. It is quite big and seems to be pretty fast, too! =3
I already ordered decoden to make the phone much more cuter!
Tomorrow I am going to visit my honey in duesseldorf at a exhibition~ looking forward to it, because I miss him so much.