Montag, 27. Februar 2012

About Cats, Doctor, Nude Pumps, Mobilphone

Home again! <3
Finally I wrote my japanese exam last week. Actually I don´t know how to feel about it. I am a bit nervous because of the mark. Until the 21th march I am going to learn a lot for my english exam. 
Today I went to the doctor for a checkup. I am healthy, but it was so expensive. 
I finally wore the super cheap top by handm! I think it is really nice and lovely for spring! =3 Love these sleeves~
 Today Dastan was really lazy and purring all the time. He is sooo furry and cute, but his eyes telling me that he hates cameras xD
 I also got two new items! <3 So happy!
At first; nude pumps! I think these are really a must have for spring, because they suits mostly to every style and time. Looks elegant and sexy <3 I got them very cheap for only 19€. Normally they cost a lot of money. especially the brands ones...
 Also american stars wear them
And japanese brands like duras! 
Just love them!

Because I have a new contract I also got a new mobilphone. It is the Samsung Galaxy SII - of course in white! I am looking forward to use it and look for all the features. I never had a phone like this. It is quite big and seems to be pretty fast, too! =3
I already ordered decoden to make the phone much more cuter!
Tomorrow I am going to visit my honey in duesseldorf at a exhibition~ looking forward to it, because I miss him so much.

Dienstag, 21. Februar 2012

Learning japanese with Beri-chan

Today I met Beri-chan in Duesseldorf to learn for our japanese exam on thursday. 
On the way to Duesseldorf I noticed the nice weather. After the severe winter it already felt like spring today. The air and sun was so lovely <3 I want to wear spring clothers finally! xD
 On the way to university went bought bentos at maruyasu. It was delicious and I also got a piece of grilled salmon which remembered me of the breakfast by my honey mother. *O* <3<3<3

 We had learned a lot and I think the exam is going to be okay. I was quite hard to stop talking about different and more interesting things like fashion, music etc. xD But we did a great job, I think.
Later we went to Relax, a japanese café and bar, for coffee and cake. We had white chocolate&strawberry cake, which was very delicious! <3 We also learned at the café for a while.
Now I have a break and I am going to start to learn vocabulary again soon. Tomorrow I am going to learn a lot and hope to have a good mark as a present! xD I know that I have to learn english, too. Today I have applied to the exam on the 21th march. I think I will fail xD Maybe I will speak english much better after learning all the grammar. At school I was really lazy and didn´t learn much. -.-;;;

I saw the new sping collection by DURAS and totally fall in love with many of their clothers, but this pullover is the best! I hope so much it will be still for sale till the end of march. I want to buy it so much. It looks sexy and elegant <3 And the color is the pure love *O*

Sonntag, 19. Februar 2012

My recipe for Karaage ^o^

I've tried to make a recipe for Karaage. I hope you can understand it. xD;;;Of course this is done according to my feeling and taste. Therefore, you can also change the amount of ingredients. ^o^

What do you need for 2 persons (about 6-8 Karaage)

<3 2 chicken legs
<3 2-3  garlic cloves
<3 3 cm ginger
<3 1 tbsp sake (its not that important)
<3 sojasauce
<3 5 tbsp flour
<3 4 tbsp potato starch
<3 vegetable fat / sunflower oil

Lets start! ヾ(^∇^)

<3 First cut the bones out from the legs. Try to cut it out in one piece. You don´t need to cut the skin
     away. Wash the meat.
     Now you can trim a leg up in about 3 to 4 pieces.

<3 Peel the ginger and garlic, then you can rub or cute them. Put this mixture along with the soy   
     sauce and sake in a bowl. Then put the meat also in the bowl and stir it around well, so all the
     meat touch the mixture. 
     Makes sure that there is enough soy sauce, the meat have to be covered. (It does not have to 
looks like a massacre XD

<3 Stay the meat at least an hour in the mixture. Meanwhile you can cook the rice. =3.

<3 Make, in a small pot or in a chip pan, the vegetable fat or oil hot. I prefer to use vegetable oil with
      oil (3:1). Let it get hot.

<3 Meanwhile, put the mixture of flour and potato starch at a plate and turns the meat individually 
     therein. Please be sure that you directly after turning the meat in the flour put these into the hot 
     fat. So it is going to be super crispy.

<3 Cook the meat until it is golden brown. Then let is drain on kitchen paper and 
     serve it whileit is still hot! <3

picture from my last post XD

Kaarage tastes delicious with Mayo (+ soy sauce), lemon or even pure with miso soup and rice.
Enjoy the meal! ヾ(^∇^)

If  some Karaage left you can also use it later for Onigiri! = 3
I am going to post it another time!

Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2012

Valentines Day + Escadas "Best of 20 years of summer fragrances"

At first thank you yo much for your lovely comments! ;O; I am going to post the recipe soon. I hope you like it! =3
I hope everyone had a lovely day together with their beloved persons! <3 Valentines day is a really cute day to show your love again~ <3

Like many other gals I made chocolates for my Honey. <3  I took real vanilla because it smells so delicious and the taste is much better than all the chemicals concentrates. =3

Sadly I forgot to take some picture of the finished chocolates...they were white and heard shaped! <3 I also made the box and decorations by myself.

I visited my honey after work and I cooked his favorite food. Sadly he had to work a lot and also the other day he wasn´t able to spend more time with me. But we had a really great evening and much fun.<3 I can´t believe that we are already together for two years now! <3<3<3
He was so lovely and gave me such a big, big present. I was really shocked and I don´t know that to  say.  It really was not necessary to give so much effort. I am going to wear them everytime when we will have a nice day together. ;O; <3 
 Earrings by Chanel in typical CC style and lovely black and white crystals. They are sooo beautiful and I could look all the time at them. The packaging and everything is just perfect.
I also tried to take some pictures of myself (picture spam) but...I dont know...I'm not talented to take pictures. Well...

Today I also went to duesseldorf with my sister to buy a nice present for our mothers birthday on friday. She also gave me a valentins present ;_; She is the best sister ever.
She gave me the fragance "Sexy Graffiti" by Escada. It was the summer fragrance of the year 2002 and then is was no longer manufactured. Escada has brought out a special edition and give the fragrance a short time in sale again! Such a beautiful idea. The scent is wonderful! Strawberry, grapefruit, raspberry, lily of the valley, red peony, violet, Cashmere, Vanilla! Just perfect! Sadly the flacon is a bit...well...the last one is much better! xD

 There was also a special box with a cosmetic bag! Isn´t it totally awesome?

I am going to bed now because tomorrow I have to go to work again. *O*
Have a lovely day!

Mittwoch, 8. Februar 2012

New awesome boots again!

Right now its spring break an I have quite much to do! So much to learn ^^;;;

Yesterday I went to fitness with my sister for the first time. It was fun and I felt so refreshed. It seems like I missing school sport...but I hate sport xD;;; Next week I will go again, because I had to go to work today and the next two days. 

Last weekend I made Kaarage for my Honey and me. Kaarage is really easy to make and are sooo delicious! *O* I´m thinking about to make a recipe for it at my blog.
It was so cold on saturday and I was tired that we just went to cologne city for shopping. Actually I really didn´t want to buy anything...but...I finally found beige suede boots!!! (*≧▽≦) So happy!

They were on sale from 60€ to 20€ Euro! <3 
On the picture they are a bit darker than in irl, but still so awesome. I am looking forward wearing them in spring!
I also noticed that my feet got smaller?!  A long time ago I had size 40, size two year size 39 again and now these boots are size 38! I was so surprised and relieved because my honey has forced me to try them on. (only 38 and 41 were left.)
Doesn´t they look a bit like these awesome boots by Duras? I totally fall in love with this outfit! <3 Everythings suits perfectly together! Don´t you think?

Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2012

New Buffalo Boots and Dulce Chocolate&Icecreme

Today the University has ended early. So I was finally able to go into the Düsseldorf. =3
I went to the Buffalo store next to the rhine riverbank. <3 The store is beautifully decorated andchic. Altogether there are about three rooms. They represent only a few shoes but they are all so sexy and beautiful! The staff is friendly and competent. <3<3<3

I chose a pair of suede overknee boots, but there were so many great shoes and preferably I would have taken all.

The boots are tight (The shaft finally doesn´t slipping down anymore.) and overknee like the other ones I have posted here! =3 The leather feels good and is soft. All in one the boots are comfortable. BUT they do not have a plateau-front ... I think that is a real shame because plateau is very beautiful, I think.

Do you know Dulce?
Dulce is chocolate&icecream shop/café. They offers chocolate, ice, waffles, hot and cold drinks and pralines. They sweets are natural and without artificial additives, flavorings and colorings. And not that sweet.

The waffles are really delicious and I recommend the hot white chocolate waffle! I haven´t tried the chocolatiers yet. But they have very creative and unique creations with light and dark chocolate.
The ice creams is also very nice e.g. Cinnamon, White Chocolate, Chai Tea.
You should try the hot chocolate is delicious as well, because it's made out of their chocolate ice cream.

I went to the stores in Essen, Cologne and Duesseldorf and in every store the sale clerks are very nice!
Definitely one of my favorite stores next to Starbucks!