Dienstag, 31. Januar 2012

Small update and shopping

In three days I am going to have semester break! ヾ(^∇^)

I will use my spring break to do some things. I really hadn´t much time.
- Finally finish my driver's license
- Much work to earn money
- LEARNING especially for my tests
- fitness studio - I want to lose >4 kilos.
- Planning my vacation
- Meet a few lovely people
  and the best thing
- My holidays in Japan * O * My gift for the completion of my first semester XD

The last week was a bit hard and I am kind of tired. Tomorrow I am going to have my last bn-test. It´s an oral one and I am nervous because the teachers are a bit crazy! XD

Last weekend I cooked mapotofu again, because Shou often posted good looking pictures at her blog and I was so curious! XD
I've done it mostly to mine own taste and recipe. It´s with Kimuchi and Nori! Really delicious, easy & fast to make and cheap! <3

My honey and me also tried to make picture in a normal public photo booth instead of puris. It smaller, faster and a bit less fun I think. I prefer the purikura in japan because of the cool effects and many extras.
Where is my nose?!XD A nice effect for Mana Cosplayers, because it is bright enough to cover a lot of your face.

I did also bit shopping! I want to save a lot of money for japan, but I the clothers were really cheap!
 I got this shirt at H&M for only ~8€.
 Got this usamimi at primark for 2€. It is made out out lace and remembers me of lizlisa! It is really cute and I hope to wear it soon!
The coolest tights ever! Three pairs of tights are packed separately in plastic bags which are small enough to put in the handbag. They costs only 1,50€!

I have also ordered these two pairs of circle lens and hope they will arrive soon! Hope the grey ones will look good on my dark eyes.
I will do a review of the shops and the lenses if you want =3 <3