Montag, 9. Januar 2012

Small Haul - Ma*rs & Swordfish skirt

First of all ... many, many thanks for your kind comments on my last post. I also got new readers and I am so happy! =3

Today university has started again. But only a month and I've semester break! <3 And I will write my first exams ... learn, learn and learn.
I was home earlier and now I am lying in bed again. I have not slept all night and I'm really tired. Tonight I willwrite a lot of comments =3

A small package arrived with my two skirts which I have bought on gyaru/sales
This Ma*rs skirt...sadly a bit to big for me. I thought the ruffles would be quite cute!

 And this jeans skirt by swordfish. Actually i don´t like jeans skirts but I wanted to give it a try again because of the cute heart be honest...this skirt is SO short! *O* but it has underpanties.

 McFit is one of the biggest chain for fitness centre and offered for christmas a coupon for two month and registration for only 20€. It really a great deal, because the registration already costs 20€.
Next month I will go to fitness centre and try to build a nice body for Japan and summer. 
I also wanted to try out solarium because my skin is so pale ** To be honest I am a bit scared because of illness and skin you have any expierences or tipps? =3