Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012

New Overknee (!) Boots by Buffalo arrived

I thought a long time if I should invest in a pair of Buffalo Boots. They seem to be good quality and the style is awesome. I really wanted a new pair of suede overknee boots <3
Now the boots arrived and I am a bit dissapointed...they are really pretty but so high and wide. I Don´t know if I want to keep them because they were really expensive.
The heels are 12cm and the plateau is 3 cm. The cool thing is that you can not the the plateau and that makes your legs longer.
Worn they look something lik that... I couldn´t imagine that they are that long...I was really shocked.
I don´t think that it looks nice. But I think about a different way to wear them.


And Dastan was only interested in the box XD So cute!