Dienstag, 17. Januar 2012

Kiss Me Heroine Bihada Ichizoku Sheet Mask (Japanese Brand)

January 2011 I bought this sheet mask in Ikebukuro and never used it. Today was the final day! XD I finally used the mask.
Actually I only bought this mask because of the cute packaging and the advertisment which I have seen at Shibuya or Shinjuku Station.
It costs about 450Yen and is available in mostly every drugstore. There are many different types.
The mask has an moisturzing effect with herbal extracts, vitamin c plus it has an whiting effect.
There is one sheet in 27ml.
 The mask is soaked with much care. It is pulled over a plastic plate and relatively thick, so it doesn´t break fast.
 I looked so scary and somehow I don´t have the right face shape for the mask XD;;
 waiting in my pajama for 20 minutes and writing my report for japanese lesson.
 After using the mask my skin is softer, but a bit sticky. I can not say if the mask brighten or whiten my skin. The skin should be evenly toned after using the mask. 
 Maybe you could use the left over in the package for a second mask.
All in one the mask is fun and I will buy it again.