Montag, 2. Januar 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
I hope each of you had a nice evening. =3
I had some bad luck. I went with my Honey to Düsseldorf. There, we first ate in Okinii. The food was good and I have for the first time Green shell mussels, lamb and duck. But I mostly ate Gyu fireniku, shrimps and Temaki! <3 I've even got a cocktail for free! <3
Overall it was very crowded and you should definitely book a table! But the atmosphere and the waiters were great!

Some picture spaming because I had to waoit till my Honey got ready. 
I wore my new Golds Infinity Top and tried out the chanel make-up! I´m so in love with them! *O*


Then the disaster began. My new shoes are broken, it started to rain = hair is awful. -.-;;;
We have set ourselves in a bar to have something to drink because it was relatively early.
On the way to the Japanese temple, I fell and I hurt my leg the. -.- 

The temple and the garden is very beautiful. They have also offered in addition to green tea and Nikuman takoyaki.

After we prayed, we have gone for a walk in park. Later we have a coffee, but I was too tired to celebrate.
At four clock we were finally home.

I hope that the year 2012 things are going well!
I wish you all a good start!